Here is why we think DVD's are the perfect format for these great bondage videos:

- DVDs hold their picture quality for a lifetime. VHS tapes wear with play causing them to have diminished quality and over time, fade to black or suffer tape breakage.

- With DVD there is no "rewinding" as with video tapes. The viewer can jump directly to favorite scene's, scan at various speeds, repeat scenes, pause... all at the push of a button and without damaging the media.

- DVD can be played on most DVD-ROM players which makes them handy for travelers with laptop computers.

- DVD is smaller and easier to store and carry on trips... or to the office.

- Our DVDs deliver splendid video and audio quality virtually indistinguishable from the source (master tape).

Please Note: DVD-Video format recorded on DVD-R media was approved by the DVD Forum in 2000. Adoption of this format is optional for manufacturers of DVD playback devices and there are DVD-Video players, DVD-ROM drives or other DVD playback devices that do not reliably play DVD-R discs recorded in the DVD-Video format. With popularity of the DVD media a tremendous number of DVD playback device models are being released and it is impossible to keep a current listing of compatible players. Fortunately most of the manufacturers that have adopted this format are now specifying compatibility either in the owner's manual or sales literature. If you have a player purchased in the last few years please consult that documentation or check with the manufacturer's customer service department. If you are purchasing a new player check for DVD-R compatibility before buying. Also note that there is a significant difference between the DVD-R and DVD+R, a few models do not play both formats correctly. You may also be able to find information regarding your player at http://www.dvdrhelp.com/dvdplayers but please use those reports carefully, we take no responsibility for the anecdotal information listed there.

REFUND POLICY: It is unlawful to reproduce copyrighted material on our DVDs and there will be NO REFUNDS ON DVDs FOR ANY REASON, sorry, but no refunds for incompatibility either. A VHS video of the same title will be substituted when undamaged DVDs are returned.

PAL NOTE: Our DVD product is recorded in NTSC format only and no PAL versions are available, however many PAL DVD players are able to convert the encoded video for PAL playback or you can use a properly equipped computer.


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