For nearly 20 years now, David Knight has been making some of the best custom videos available for a select group of loyal customers. And they are loyal because no matter who else they try, they keep coming back to the one who does their Fantasyís best, David Knight Bondage.

Juliet and I have now decided to offer our superior custom videos and photo sets to a new group of customers.

Your fantasy is important to you. And customs arenít cheap. So why order from us? Because your fantasy is important to us too.

We are the ones who put the extra attention, detail and effort in, and the ones who pay attention to what it is that makes your fantasy special to you.

Unlike those who take your money and then whip out something they hope you might like, when DKB accepts a custom, we take the time to learn and know what makes it special to you, and then we do everything we can to make sure you will be thrilled with the results. We take great pride in our customers raving about how happy they are with their custom videos and photographs.

We may stretch our limits a bit for customs, but basically if you know our site, you know what we will not do.

No graphic sex. No graphic violence, unless its against the bad guy. Our heroines are often in danger, and threatened with death, but they donít die. Helplessly bound and in peril is cool with us, gore or torture is not.

ALL Models receive the utmost respect and fair compensation for all work done.

If in doubt, ask. But donít script a beautiful girl being raped on a dirty mattress in an abandoned warehouse. We donít have a dirty mattress, or a warehouse, and we may threaten, but we will not even simulate actual rape, or vulgar nudity! NO gratuitous crotch shots!

Special costuming is available. We have cops, super heroines, cheerleaders, nurses, maids and more. Want to see more bare feet than we usually do? Cool! More chloroforming? No sweat! Do you want pantyhose instead of Davidís beloved garter belts? Weíll do that!

100% Safe, Sane, and Consensual

We can do lots of great stuff for you! Email us with the general idea of what you would like us to do for you. Weíll get back to you, and if we accept your custom, weíll work out all the details so that your film or picture set is just as perfect as we can make it.

Our custom videos, including story - if you want one, start at $500.00 for one girl, one villain films.

Photo sets start at $450.00 for a minimum of 200 quality digital photos on compact disc.

Juliet and I are very good at what we do. Give us a try and see what a custom made video or photo set is really like! Just contact us at: davidknight@davidknightbondage.com

ALL Distribution & Copyrights of custom films and/or photographs remain the sole property of KnightStorm Films, unless negotiated otherwise.


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